The Brave New Market

Make it easy for your clients to work with you

Introducing Projectly – think invoicing and light project management, but simple & fun.

For freelancers who like happy clients, Projectly combines setting expectations and easy billing in one place.

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Send short & sweet project overviews with big “YES” buttons

Do you ever NOT do something because you just don’t know where to start? With Projectly your client can start working with you with a push of a button.

Get funding before you start working

Give your client the option to fund the project before work begins. (Funds are held in a secure account until milestones are completed and approved.)

It’s a little thing your client can do to give you some extra motivation, and makes sure that you will get paid on time. We all work better when we know that we don’t work for free 🙂

Make your client feel involved

Projectly sends an email to your client when you mark a milestone as completed. Being able to approve it makes your client feel involved and let’s you know that you’re doing great.


Why do I need this?

Projectly is an app by freelancers for freelancers. We understand that to grow your freelance business, you need space to focus on what you do best – while the business side of things is taken care of really well.

With Projectly you have someone on your team who is 100% focussed on making every project a success, keeping your clients in the loop and happy, and making sure YOU get what you need to be able to do your best work.

Who are you?

Our small team consists of three people but we have many amazing supporters that believe in our vision (You guys rock!!).

David is a freelance designer by day and our Co-Founder/CEO by night. Jason has a web agency and guides us as CTO through all technical things that David would not completely understand. John is our main tech & development guy, overall genius and problem solver. John’s the best, seriously. We all believe in good work, transparency, smiles and just simply being nice 🙂

How much does this cost?

Right now the app is 100% free to use – we only charge small transaction fees for online payments (ACH, Credit Card, Escrow). Being Freelancers ourselves we understand the importance of low monthly overhead, so we don’t want your money when you’re not making any.

That said, we might add a subscription model at some point so that, if you use Projectly a lot, you can reduce your transaction fees even more. Bottom line: we aim to provide significantly more value than we charge for, so let us know what you think.

What exactly does Projectly make easy?

It takes just a few minutes from signing up to creating your first project – so that’s really easy.

We make it easy for your client to understand the gist of a project and say YES.

We make it easy for your client to pay you online, which is great for you, too 😉

In short, we also make communication easy, building a reputation easy, making sure you get paid – easy.

And our service is very easy to use. Our CEO’s mother-in-law tested it just to make sure.

100% free - just online payments have a small fee