Happy clients

grow your business.

For freelancers who want to build lasting relationships, word of mouth, and growth —
Projectly's simple project flow (deliverables • approvals • payment) makes clients feel in good hands with you.

Easy project setup  

Create projects easy-peasily and make important project details crystal clear from the start.

Since Projectly is a web app you don’t have to download anything — Just use any device with a browser.

Quick updates


Who has time to write emails? Communicate important steps with short notes and let your client approve them with the click of a button.


Projectly keeps you posted via email so you don’t have to keep checking your dashboard.

Add a level of security


If you’re working together for the first time, escrow is a payment insurance for you and your client — They know that the work will get done and you know that you will get paid for work you complete.

Clients say

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Freelancers say

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• no learning curve

• makes you look like a pro

• scheduling, payments, approvals in one simple flow