The Brave New Market

For freelancers who

like happy clients.

Projectly is simple & friendly scheduling, payments, and process approval — in one easy flow.
Show your client they're in good hands.

Focus on what matters most!


Create projects easy-peasily and make important project details crystal clear from the start.


Since Projectly is a web app you don’t have to download anything — Just use any device with a browser.

Who has time to write emails?


Communicate important steps quickly with short messages and buttons — nothing makes clients happier than being able to respond with just one click.


Projectly keeps you posted via email so you don’t have to keep checking your dashboard.

Get back to the work you love.


Projectly guides your client through projects with you:


Step by step — a bit like a personal assistant but without the drama.

Clients say

Review Allison 3

Freelancers say

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• no learning curve

• makes you look like a pro

• scheduling, payments, approvals in one simple flow