The Brave New Market

About Us

The Brave New Market wants to help Clients and Freelancers work well together. Our simple online collaboration tool can be used for any project. It helps freelancers get paid on time, holds both project partner accountable and can be used to build up a solid business reputation.

We are David Müller and Jason Robinson. For a combined 26 years we have been freelancing and hiring freelancers.

The Brave New Market has the goal to make Freelancing better. We want to make sure that you can work on your projects knowing that the budget is safe, your partners are being held accountable, and everybody tries their very best to work together! So that you can enjoy the freedom of freelancing again.

So we would love for you to join us. By now we already think of you as a friend. And if you encounter a problem with our service, please let us know. Because what we really want to do is make things better.

David & Jason