About Us

Projectly is a simple project facilitation & payment app.


Projectly helps freelancers (with projects up to $5K) to deliver a memorably positive experience to their clients while also managing expectations.


Through a simple flow around payments, deliverables, approvals, and ratings, Projectly helps freelancers make sure their clients feel involved and in good hands, and create a foundation for lasting relationships, word of mouth, and growth — Because happy clients grow your business.


We are David Muller and Jason Robinson, nice to meet you!

As service providers we have hired freelancers and have freelanced ourselves, so we know that it’s easy to get frustrated during projects, regardless what side you are working on.


But here’s the thing: usually everyone is doing their best to make a project succeed. That’s why we came up with a project flow that provides security and involvement for both sides while also making communication easier and faster.


We’d like you to judge if we succeeded — Try Projectly for free and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your feedback!

David & Jason